I've Been Keeping A Secret

I've been thinking of my grandma a lot lately.  On September 1st it will be her birthday and I'm truly missing her.  But, as I'm missing her I am also forever grateful for the events that transpired following her death.  It was as if she knew I was in the dark and needed a hand.  My life has changed dramatically in these past two years of her being gone.  God stepped in and renewed my very being. 

Many dramatic and often times traumatic events have taken place in my world since 2005 starting with Hurricane Katrina.  Tomorrow I go to see a pulmonologist to get his opinion of the two spots on my right lung.  My doctor strongly believes it is just scar tissue due to my chronic bronchitis.  The pulmonologist will more than likely agree.  I believe in God and trust in him implicitly.  But, I believe there is great strength in prayer and I am asking you all to please keep me in yours throughout the day and tomorrow.  I honestly believe this is just scar tissue as well, but with the sudden and unexpected deaths in my family these past two years a twinge of worry creeps in from time to time.

I've been keeping this off the blog, because I didn't want to bring anyone down in any way.  I know that may be thought of as crazy, but it's how I am.  I love to uplift people not depress them.  So, that is why I have truly been away and have been investing more time to living beyond the internet.  I will let you all know how the appointment on tomorrow goes.  Until then I thank you all for your prayers.


  1. Tabitha,
    You are in my prayers. Take care.

  2. Tabby, I too hope it's just scar tissue...but have you been feeling ill or weak? I hope not. Please report what the dr says!!!

  3. Tabitha,
    Sending prayers of grace and care, and that God's presence is something that you hold close. He loves you very much, and is with you always...

    Much peace and love,

  4. Tabitha: Having just gone through the exact same situation about two years ago...I understand how you are feeling. I completely get this.

    I wish I could be there with you, and I'm hopeful that they all get on board with the same conclusion about scar tissue.

    Please know my thoughts and Reiki energy go with you as you begin the investigation to learn what this is/isn't.

    "Proceed with a joyful heart and know that all will be well."

    Oh, and thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be of service to you...because you certainly do that for all of us.

  5. Good luck to you, I'll add you in my daily prayers.

  6. Tabitha, I am sorry I did not read this earlier, you are always in my thoughts and prayers, I am so relieved for you as I have read your next post. having faith....reminds me of when you said you visit God at Walmart, he is with us always. hugs to you beautiful one. have a great weekend, you can breathe easier now.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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