Living My Healthiest Life - Day 2

This was my dinner last night.  I loaded up on veggies as I love them so much. Today makes the 7th day that I've been eating healthy, so technically it's day 7 instead of day 2.  I've noticed I'm breathing better and for me that is a big push to keep going.  A pair of pants that I love, but were uncomfortably tight are now fitting comfortably and me likey! (=

This is not losing weight to look good, because well let's just be honest.  I already look good. LOL
I am doing this to feel good.  I'm doing this so my princess will have her mom for years to come.  I'm doing this, because I would be SO angry with myself if I left this earth too soon.  I love running our mission and if I'm gone that will end and I can not have that.

Today I am grateful for: God's never-ending love, each and every one of you, the finances to buy yummy fruits and veggies, water, healthy recipe sites, Princess Charlie, strength to work out and my scarred lung =)

Today's menu:

Breakfast: 1 pancake w/strawberry jam
Snack: 1 Chocolate rice cake and 1 orange
Lunch: 1 Chicken sandwich and jello cup
Snack: fruit salad
Dinner: Baked chicken w/mixed veggies and baked sweet potato

Exercise: I am exercising for twenty minutes 5 days a week


  1. Tabitha,

    I love your healthier option and as for me for health reasons and to remove a lot of weight I put on because I gave up exercising and started late night snacking, I love your start!

    Don't you just love the way it makes you feel when we begin to truly take care of the temple God has decided to dwell within?

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. I really like your idea of piling on the veggies. In fact, my doctor just told me veggies are "free." Meaning I can have as many as I like! So I said, "That applies to fried okra too, right?" and she THREW a magazine at me!!! No sense of humor!!! Evidently it applies only to "bare" veggies!

  3. so proud of you and if the breathing is already showing an improvement, well just keep going, I was walking the dog today with trouble breathing, i would sit and then go again. I ate healthy too. keep it up we want you around for a long long time.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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