Living My Healthiest Life - Day 1

For the past three years I have been back and forth with my weight.  My main hurdles has always been exercise and sodas.  I kicked the soda habit months ago and thanks to an awesome cousin I now have a game plan for safe exercising for someone with disabilities.  Last week after getting the awesome news from my pulmonologist something in my brain clicked.  I must do whatever I can to help my lungs remain healthy.  Last Monday I started by shopping for tons of fruit, veggies, egg-whites, yogurt and whole wheat tortillas.

I'm SO determined to lose 50 pounds, but I know the success rate is greater when you have a support team.  My hubby is very supportive, but doctors have urged him to lose 100lbs and he believes his way is best. NOT!  So, I'm turning to you (my blog buddies).  Will you be my support team?  Starting today I am on a mission to living my healthiest life and I need your support!  I will be blogging about my journey and I encourage you to share your thoughts of encouragement, meal ideas and any suggestions you may have to help me succeed in this journey.  This is it guys!  With God's guidance and your love I can do this!  Are you with me?

Today's Menu:
Breakfast - scrambled egg whites on ww tortilla, 4 orange wedges and 2 glasses of water
Snack - 1/2 orange
Lunch - 1 chicken wrap on ww tortilla w/tomato slices, 16 grape and 2 glasses of water
Snack - 1 chocolate flavored rice cake
Dinner - Baked Angus beef patty, brown rice w/mixed veggies and 2 glasses of water


  1. Oh Tabby, I struggle too -- I went from starving myself to fearing hunger so badly that I eat everything in sight and then some...I will gladly support your effort and if you don't mind, I'm going to draw strength from you!!! Because if you are going to try to eat healthier, I will too!!! But Tabby, don't be too stingy with yourself, I honestly think you need more food than that -- I just don't want you getting lightheaded or too hungry!!! I would add in some yogurt drinks and some cheese sticks in there...

  2. Tabitha good for you, your food plan for the day looks great. I know you can do this. I am working on it much harder myself, a blog that has really helped me is Carb Tripper. She is amazing and has done an amazing job. she is funny, focused, and inspirational. good luck. I am here for all the support you need.

  3. Good luck with your weight loss! You can do it!! XOXO

  4. Kaci and Cinner, I truly appreciate your support!!

    Holly, I promise I'll keep it healthy. When I feel hungry I nibble on my favorite fruits as well.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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