Seeking God in Various Forms

Everyone has there own idea of how we should seek God.  Some believe waking at 5 in the morning for prayer and bible reading is the way.  Some believe siting in prayer for 3 hours is the way.  Some believe journaling their thoughts to God is the way.  The truth is ALL of those choices are great.  There are MILLIONS of ways to seek God each day.

When you see a homeless being and you offer them money or a meal you have sought God.  If you choose to go to church 6 days a week or your choice is to read devotionals in the morning you are still seeking God.  My mom is the BEST prayer I know, but her way of seeking God is turning on her gospel music, hands in the air and praising God until she can no longer sing.  This has been her way since I can remember.

Satan will enter your mind and remind you that you didn't read your bible first thing in the morning.  We as humans become guilt ridden and try to play catch up.  Whether you read your bible first thing in the morning or right before bed somewhere in between I'm sure you found a way to seek God. 

My days vary because God has blessed me with so many options.  I always begin my day in prayer.  I also love listening to teachers such as Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer and Joseph Prince.  I prefer reading my bible after 12 noon.  I can't really say why it's just what feels right to me.  I listen to praise music, meditate, write to God and pray more.  Daily it is different, but it all leads to one thing - Me seeking God and His presence.

Never let anyone's ideas of seeking God be your idea.  Seek Him in YOUR own way.  NO Way is Wrong!
If your objective is to spend time with him open, honest and in love, then whatever way you choose will lead you right before him.

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