Jolted From Sleep

For the past week my four year old Dachshund has been waking me up with his barking.  He never does this, so this has been very distressing to me.  Last night his barking began around 3am.  I went to check on him, because Charlie NEVER hears him and they sleep in the same room.  When I finally drifted back to sleep I had a dream that we were the victims of a home invasion.  I know exactly why I dreamt this.  Every time "Pooh" barks I fear someone is breaking in, but that is never the case.

I'm blogging about it so that I can dump it from my memory bank.  It's a cloudy day and that just increased my paranoia. lol
I just wanted to clear my mind and get back on track with my Father.

In other great news! Texas is receiving a little rain today!  We truly need rain for a day or two, but at this point we'll accept whatever we can get!

Have A Blessed Day!!

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