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Happy Birthday to my Grandma and my Sister N!!

I've been journaling now for 13 years now.  I've learned a great deal about myself in doing so.  What I love most is not every entry has to be negative, I don't really have to be correct in my spelling all the time and I can be as brutally honest as need be.  Since I started listening to Beth Moore I've been learning so much.  I write down everything I learn from her in my journal, but one thing she spoke on truly stuck with me.  She said we should always turn a negative into a positive.  I never truly knew how to do that until last year.  So, now when I'm journaling it's a rule that no matter what happened that day I have to write down at least three positive things that also happened.  Now, when I do this I can't seem to stop! lol
I thought I'd share a few with you here today and maybe (if you journal) it could be a tool for you as well.

The Positives:

-We all woke up with great health today
-God is in our lives and guiding us daily
-Hubby and princess made it home safely yesterday
-We have a comfortable home filled with love
-In a time where people are losing jobs hubby has been making great overtime hours
-I get to put luvmail together for kids and adults who are hurting
-I get to cook a delicious meal for my family
-I am free to praise God w/all my heart
-I had the greatest grandma on earth and I love her so

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  1. Tabitha, hi hon, that is a great way to be, I try that too. you are sounding like you are in a great place. I am having a giveaway if you care to drop by and enter. hugs.


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