Just Listening

Have you ever heard the saying it gets better with time?  I am finding this to be very true in my walk of life.  I've always been a good listener.  I believe this is why everyone comes to me.  I am a firm believer that God speaks to our hearts in various ways.  I ask God lots of questions and even if the answer is not what I hoped for He answers in one way or another.

Life sends little nuggets (wisdom) my way a lot lately.  In 4 short months I'll be 40 years old.  I'm very excited about that, because to me it's a great accomplishment.  With turning 40 I am noticing that I'm consciously and sub-consciously seeking wisdom on a daily basis.  Some days I discover gems.  Some days I do my Homer Simpson impression...Doh!

These days I am seeing myself more as a spiritual being rather just a human being.  I am also embracing my role as a teacher in this life.  I've always seen myself as mom, wife, daughter, aunt, sister, cousin and friend.  But, until now I hadn't fully realized that my walk was teaching others.  Ive had many people say to me "because of you I am bettering myself."  But the truth is I didn't embrace that.  I thought it was just talk.  Today I believe the truth.  This makes me more aware of how I'm living, speaking, and reacting in this life.
You learn a great deal when you just listen.  I am opening my heart, mind and spirit to learning.  I'm embracing wisdom with great love and respect.  With each new step, new breath, new day God is speaking wisdom into my spirit and the only thing I have to do is...Just listen.


  1. It s beautiful to see someone "settle in" to a God given purpose like you are doing. I'm learning some similar things... Blessings and thanks or sharing!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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