HUGE Realization

On Friday I watched Oprah Winfrey's Master Class.  While watching her I was reminded by of what my grandpa did for me.  If you've been reading this blog from day one you know of my birth abnormalities and the struggles I have faced.  After I was born doctors came to my family and suggested I be placed in an institution, because according to them I'd never be able to function in society.  My grandpa stepped up and said "hell no!  she's family and she's coming home with us."  The realization is had my grandpa not did that it's safe to say I would not be posting this blog.

We are all here for a reason.  God has a plan for every life on this earth.  As I grow my role becomes clearer to me and my family.  What wasn't clear was the depth of just what my grandpa did for me.  I knew he was a true child of God and I knew he loved me dearly.  But, now I know just how deep he and God love me.  I now know that God knew it had to be my grandpa to speak up, because he had big plans for my life.

I want to honor God and my grandpa with my life.  The life that they saved.  The life that was given to me out of sheer love.  I have a greater respect for my grandpa and I feel so much closer to God.  I have a purpose in this world and I'm going to fulfill it with gratitude, respect and love.


  1. How beautiful! And what joy just emanates from it :)

  2. Thank God for your Grandpa...That you were family and he was taking you home. Sounds like a man that knew what was important. You inspire me, as always, c have a great week.,

  3. Those awakenings and realizations are some of the best lessons to appreciate the special people in our life and LIFE itself!

  4. Just beautiful Tabitha. I am so inspired by this today. xo

  5. Tabitha,
    How wonderful and blessed you are that your Grandfather has stood up for all that you are in life!

    We are all born with some sort of birth abnormalities . . . . some are visual and some are not, and we all have potential to be our very best.

  6. Thank you beautiful beings for your love-filled words!!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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