We've Hit The Ground Running Over At Afiveoh4uplifting.org!!

It's a new year and we have hit the ground running!! Our mini vacation is over and we want to uplift thousands of beings. In 2009 we uplifted 3,000+. This year we are aiming for to double that! Yes, that means we are gearing up to uplift the lives of 6,000 beings!!!

These past two years have shown us that "Anything Is Possible!" We've overcome many obstacles, so we are going full steam ahead!!

Ok, so we are starting the new year by sending off our very first box of goody bags to Shriner's Hospital For Children in Shreveport, La!! The box was mailed this morning (1/2/10) to be exact!

We love doing what we do and we're so honored that the patients of Shriners in Shreveport, La are the first recipients of the year!!!

We sent this goody bag to a beautiful woman battling cancer. We are holding her in our hearts and prayers and we ask that you do the same. (-:

We visited Dollar Tree yesterday in search of figurines and what we found was too cute for words!!
These lovelies will be sent to the adults we uplift and I have to admit I am super excited to send the very 1st
one off!! Are they not just the cutest?!


For Valentine's Day we will be sending out over 500 V-Day goody bags all in Honor of Jackson Gray Turpin! (AmyB's Baby Nephew) who earned his wings in October 2009. We are holding a raffle to raise funds to help us in this effort. The Prize: $50 Wal-Mart Or Target Gift Card. A $10 donation from YOU via our Paypal button gives you a chance to win the Gift Card. Our goal is to raise the $250 we need to place an order with Oriental Trading.com Because Oriental Trading.com now allows payments via Paypal this is a WIN/WIN for us and for the raffle winner!!

We Pray You Will Consider Helping Us Uplift 500+ Hospitalized & Disabled Children This Valentine's Day!!

God Bless!


  1. Great ideas and I know the recipients will be so blessed by your thoughtfulness.

  2. You are WONDERFUL!

  3. I noticed that Dollar Tree had a LOT of gorgeous dog figurines, of actual china! And some pretty angels, too...

    How wonderful that this year you are going to uplift 6,000! There is no stopping you.

  4. The world is more filled with love because of you, Tabby. :)

  5. Love your mission and your can do attitude! With people like you so many obstacles can be overcome! WEll done, Tabitha! Happy New Year! xo

  6. What a wonderful way to begin 2010. Thank you for inspiring us. XO

  7. this is so awesome tabitha! happy new year to you and your awesome family of angels!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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