ICB21 & Prayers For Haiti

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When I put together this weeks podcast the very day before the earthquake happened I never imagined how tied together they would be.  I guess it's one of those moments where God wants you to see just how majestic He truly is.  Before I ask anything of you I ask that you please pray for the people of Haiti.  They need all the love and compassion this world can provide.  Yesterday my family and I donated to the effort through the Red Cross.  By texting "haiti" to 90999 you are donating $10 to the relief fund and you will be billed on your cell phone account.  If you can not afford to help financially maybe you can donate clothing, toiletries or even non-perishable food items.  But most of all they need your prayers.  --God Bless


  1. God uses our hearts, our words to make way for His will.
    I believe you were guided, indeed!

  2. Powerful post and yes perfectly timed with your podcast Tabitha. My random act of kindness this week was to move across the infusion room where I was sitting getting my tysabri medicine to chat with another lady. She was having a chemo infusion for bladder cancer (on top of her MS)...we chatted as best we could...me with my unusual accent from MS...her with her soft, low talking voice (also from MS)...and we connected heart to heart...soul to soul. I took her phone number and gave her mine. Complete strangers 2 hours before. I will call her later this week to check in.

    being kind is a simple as a prayer, a smile, a donation over a cell phone, a conversation with a stranger at the infusion center....just because...kindness matters. Kindness does make a difference, even if it's only for a moment. It's still one moment of joy, peace, love we have shared with another person.

  3. My friend has two children she is adopting from Haiti. Their orphanage crumbled, they are out of water and they are being looted. Praying that they pass emergency visas so they can bring their children home.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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