Uplifting With Luvmail

Blessings Lovelies, I pray you are all having a beautiful Monday. Our Family Mission is all about Spreading Love to all who wants it. Our goal is to not just say we Love God's Children, but to SHOW that we do. We Are Looking To Uplift YOU! (Please Spread The Word!)

We Send Luvmail (A Card & Small Gift) in USA to Kids (Ages 3-12) & (A Card & Friendship Bracelet) to Teens:
1. Living w/Health Challenges (Physical, Chronic, or Mental)
2. Siblings of Sick Kids
3. Kids who's Parent are living w/Health Challenges (Physical, Chronic, or Mental)
4. Kids who's families are in Financial Hardship.

We also send Notes/Cards of Love to Adults in need of Uplifting!

Tabitha & Jodie
FB: God's Luvmail Mission

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