I'm Listening

Even as a child I've always held this burning within to serve.  Not fully knowing what that even meant.  I did, however, know that I wanted to change peoples lives.  I wanted them to smile and not frown.  I wanted them to feel joy and not pain.  I've attempted in many ways to make this my reality, but the problem lies in two words -- My Reality.  I kept doing things my way until God showed me His Way.

I had what I needed inside me the entire time.  I believe God was speaking to me even as a kid, but I didn't hear him.  My gift of listening has been with me forever.  I can remember friends as far back as fifth grade stating how good a listener I was.  Now as an adult I strive to encourage others on a daily basis with God's Words. I'm using my listening skills to uplift those who are hurting or feeling lost.

In this world we all need someone.  Someone to just listen.  Someone to cry with.  Someone to laugh with.  Someone to express our fears to.  And someone to just say the words we are in need of hearing.

I'm listening.  With sweet intent and love in my heart I desire to serve ALL.  In this world we look down on others for the color of their skin or their economic status.  But in my heart I love all, because at the end of the day we ALL bleed red.  We are ALL family in Christ Jesus.

My CALLING is now known to me and I will fulfill it to the best of my ability.  I was destined to be a server, a counselor, an encourager, a friend.  I'm here for ALL who need me.  I'm willing to be that voice of reasoning.  I'm able to speak without judging.  I'm ready to do God's Will.  I'm Listening.


If you wish to speak with me feel free to contact me!


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