Weightloss Changes

I had taken GCB for three weeks and suddenly developed heart palpitations and SERIOUS acid reflux.  I am extremely sensitive to caffeine, so this supplement is NOT meant for me.  I've been off of it for over a week and I have been doing beautifully without it.  I went to God and asked HIM to suppress and guide my appetite and He is!

So, here's my advice for anyone attempting to live healthier:

1. Turn to and TRUST God for guidance
2. Eat LOTS of fruits and veggies
3. Cut back on carbs
4. Kick sugar to the curb
5. Exercise - if you are disabled in any way I have many tricks I use to get my body in motion.  If you need advice or support I'm here for you.

What my doctor and nutritionist suggested was I cut a few calories from my daily intake and that seems to help.  But I suggest no one does that unless they have spoken with their doctor first.  People hear cut back and they go drastic and that's just NEVER the answer.  The answer is patience, faith and taking it one day at a time.

God Bless

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