As you may know on I started taking a weight loss supplement called "Green Coffee Bean Extract 800mg."  I am NOT a fan of weight-loss supplements, but there was something about this that caught my attention.  The first thing was it was WORKING for my cousin L.  The second thing was there is actually a study done using this supplement. The third is I sought my Doctor's permission FIRST. And fourth I searched for REAL reviews to see how it worked or did not work for others.

Before I give my update I want to state that I am in NO WAY placing all of my hope into this supplement.  I am in NO WAY expecting a speedy miracle.  Nor am I chasing instant gratification.  I AM trusting God to guide my every step.  I AM expecting slow results, which are best.  I AM exercising and eating as healthy as I possibly can.  And most of all I am staying VERY POSITIVE.

Now on to my update!  You should know out of sheer frustration Princess Charlie and I murdered our scale a little over a month ago, so we do NOT weigh ourselves via a scale.  Scales are bi-polar and discourage the most optimistic person on earth.  What we do is measure our bodies once-a-month to see our progress.  Today was our measuring day and it was indeed an extremely emotional and rewarding day!

I measured myself once on 8/10 and as of today 9/9 I have lost 4.8 inches from my entire body and Princess Charlie has lost 8.3!!! 

I can't speak for everyone else, but this is working for me.  It curbs my appetite which causes me to eat less.  It has helped me get very good at portion control.  It has also ended my obsession with with time watching (looking at the clock to see when I eat again).  I eat when I get hungry and NOT a moment before.  I stay fuller longer and for me that's a mega PLUS.  Yay for living healthier!!!

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