February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Valentine's Day has always been a favorite time for me.  However, this year it seems to have a greater significance.  So much has deepened in my life this past year.  The love within my home has reached a brand new level.  The love I have for The Father has skyrocketed.  Not just for the things he does for me, but definitely for all He's teaching me.  I'm learning that love goes way deeper than just saying "I Love You".
Looking into someone's spirit and seeing them for who they truly are and accepting every flaw, and every mistake makes for a great recipe of love.  I am learning to look deep within and seek the Jesus in every being.  Doing this blinds me to judgment.  It opens lines of communication and a deeper ease to love than ever before.  Today when you say those three words to your loved ones and friends look deeper within them and I'm betting you'll notice that sentiment taking on a brand new meaning for you and for them!

Search for the Jesus in them and watch your love blossom!!


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