February 09, 2012

Hello Dear Friends!

    I have not posted a blog since November 2012.  I am now in bible college and that added to being a mom, wife and running my luv-mail mission has taken up a great chunk of my time.  But I can not give up my blog, so I've decided to make it my gratitude journal plus I'll be posting lessons I'm learning from school, my continuous walk with God and some fabulous meal ideas!  It has been tremendous growth happening and I'm deeply grateful for it all!  As I've mentioned several times in the past this blog is not about how many comments I receive.  It's a tool to help me grow and for anyone else who desires to share their presence with me.  I pray you all had a beautiful holiday with your loved ones and I truly believe it will be a prosperous year ahead for us all.  God Bless!

Today I am Grateful:

-to be alive
-that by His stripes I am healed
-I can hear the beautiful & soothing music that fills my room today
-seeking God has many great advantages
-for every promise he's made
-my marriage is stronger than ever before
-my daughter has found true joy and love within Jesus

Blessed Be (:


  1. Tabitha I am so glad you posted. I was wondering what happened to you. You sound like you are in a very good space. hugs to you. one love.

  2. Cinner, I'm so happy to see you dear friend! School and life have taken up a great deal of my time, but I believe I have worked out a doable schedule. This way my blog and blog friends won't be neglected. :)


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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