Learning by Watching Birds

For the past two summers something wonderful has been happening.  Every summer without fail a beautiful red bird appears at my bedroom window daily.  This bird comes to my window DAILY.  I have been trying to figure out why for the longest time.  Now I need to put it out there that I was never a huge bird fan.  I think they are beautiful and I admire their grace, but I never watched them or wanted tons of bird paintings in my home.

A few weeks ago my daughter and I swapped bedrooms and let me tell you I am in heaven, but that's for another post.  The very next morning of the swap I noticed the red bird at my (NEW) bedroom window.  Later that day a beautiful hummingbird came and I was in awe of this little creature.  The day after the hummingbird had a companion and I just flipped!  My daughter said "it's funny how they come to this window as if they KNOW you have moved in here."

I'd been trying to figure this out.  Trying to make sense of what (if at all) this could possibly mean.  Then, this morning I decided to sit at my window and watch the birds as they went about their business.  I couldn't help but to notice how care free they are.  I wondered what freedom they have and how awesome it must feel to just fly about.  They don't have a worry in the world, yet we humans stress over the tiniest of things daily.  These birds go about KNOWING that God will provide their every need.  They do their job in joy and in peace.  You never see a bird on a branch shivering in fear.  They exist in COMPLETE peace and harmony with God and the Universe.

I want that for my life.  I want that for your life.  And on many levels I believe God sent those birds to my window to teach me that very lesson.  He wants me to do my job as mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend and servant to others.  But he wants me to do it in COMPLETE FAITH and TRUST in Him.  I can't help but smile at the realization that My Father used birds (of all things) to teach me such a profound lesson.  I love how He thinks!  And I never want to displease him, so I will gladly take lessons and follow the lead of my new little friends who literally visit me every single day.  God is So Amazing!


  1. i have been visiting ur site for so months know and im truelly inspired by all u write about ur love for god and ur family
    im also a blogger but are blogging for myself (lol)since no one reads it hahaa but i believe god does.
    Yet another beautiful blog thnxs for that
    With love from holland
    Miss- j

  2. Miss J, I am so honored to have you reading my blog. I do this to glorify God, so your words make my heart smile. Thank You!


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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