He Loves You!

Hello Beautiful Beings!

    I have been on a serious journey as of late.  I've always dreamed of sharing my journey as a handicapped being with the world.  More recently I have yearned to share who God is and what he's doing in my life.  As I was praying for these opportunities to arise my heart heard "why not use your blog as your platform?"
I laughed, because God is so smart and I enjoy when he lovingly shows me what was always right before me.

   Do you know just how much you are loved?  I use to think God loved me a little.  I thought he only loved or wanted me when I did good things.  I now know that He loves me through my good and bad moments.  He is LOVE.  He loves you more than you could ever imagine!

   God wants and desires to be a HUGE part of your life.  He wants you to welcome Him in and give him complete access to your life.  Is it always easy? No.  But, is it worth it? Absolutely!  He can free you from anything if you'll just trust and believe in him.  Nothing you could ever say or do will keep Him from loving you. 

   Right now, at this very moment call out to Him.  It doesn't have to be anything fancy said.  Just be honest and open.  Invite him into your life and if you are scared to do so tell him that.  He will not run away from you or judge you.  He wants you to be His!
Trust Him and watch your life transform right before your eyes.

In Jesus' Name..Amen!

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