Seeking Something More

Give me that joy I can't explain
Add extra peace that'll ease my pain
I want that love that'll never change
Give me that, Give me that
--Kirk Franklin

I first heard this song as these lyrics a month ago.  Now every morning when I awake I blast it and smile.  I'm learning that with God joy is present "whenever" I want it to be.  I do not have to seek it or hope for it.  I just have to know and believe that this is so. 

I am no longer looking to those in my life or to things for joy.  I now know that everyday what I need to be happy is right within me.  I "choose" to be joyful and I simply am.  I'm seeking something more than joy these days.  I need my daily existence to be deeper than just being happy.  I'm seeking my heavenly Father.  I'm seeking to be more like him.  I can never be perfect as He IS, but I can strive to get as close as he'll possibly allow me to.

For so many years I've made decisions based off of fear and even ignorance at times.  Lately I've been stepping out on TRUE faith and trusting God with the things I am dealing with.  I want to lose weight, but not to look good for others.  I want to be healthier so that someday (if God permits) I'll be here to help raise my grand-kids.
I struggle with the weight-loss thing often, but what I now know is I can't do it on my own.  I know that He can and all I have to do is submit and allow Him to guide me.  I'm doing just that.

"Gimme that power to walk away
When another god wants to take Your place
As much of You as I can take
Give me that, Give me that"

What are you seeking these days?

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