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Hello Dear Friends, I'm truly sorry for my disappearance.  Life and God has a way of bringing us back to center.  I have been re-centering myself A LOT lately.  Not on my own of course.  My Heavenly Father has been HUGE in this process.  I have been walking this spiritual journey since my grandma passed in 2008.  But, very recently God shook me to my CORE and made a serious request.  With love He asked me to walk in COMPLETE Faith.  He asked me to surrender and fully TRUST him.  This is SCARY, but I knew I HAD to do this.  I knew doing this would be a true healing and HUGE awakening.

Since taking my leap the "enemy" has been hounding me 24/7.  He's relentless and determined to get me to second guess my decision, but I WON'T.  I can't my friends.  Doing so would mean I have NO FAITH in my God and to be perfectly honest...The devil is a liar!!!

I am abundantly grateful for this opportunity and hope to share much more with you all more often.  Life has taken me on some WILD rides and I'm more than sure this is just the beginning.  I have so much more to learn and I'm ready.  I need this!  I want this.  Once again, through my brokenness God has sprinkled his grace and is restoring and re-booting me from within.

How are you my lovelies?


  1. Dear, dear Tabitha,

    I am happy to hear you are listening to the Almighty. May you find peace, Love and joy on your path.

    Know you are thought of and held in prayer as you walk your walk.

    Love and Light, Linda

  2. be well Tabitha, restore from within. I am peaceful and recovering from my operations. everything is on the uphill swing, sending prayers your way for strength and health. hugs.


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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