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Hello Beautiful Beings!

I haven't given a weight-loss update in awhile and figured it was time to do so.  My process has been slow, but consistent.  I hurt my back dancing a month ago, so exercise was very slow.  But, even without strong exercise I have maintained a weight-loss of half a pound per week.  I am happy to say I'll take that loss any day!!

Once a month I do my measurements and for the month of May I lost a total of 7.5 inches!  That all by itself was the best part of my month!  I've been very aware to move my body in whatever safe way I can.  I'm eating lots of lean chicken, fish and loads of veggies. 

I'm noticing curves I had not seen in years! LOL
My body is actually taking on a nice form and I'm extremely grateful.  I have 41 pounds to go to reach my first big goal loss.  I'm okay with taking it slow.  Slow seems to be my best friend these days.  God is truly on my side!

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  1. What a testament you are to believing in yourself and God's grace! You are radiant! Thank you for your example.

    Love and Light! Linda


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