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April was a deeply hurtful month my friends.  Within that one month I lost three very beautiful beings within my life.  Although I view death in a brand new light these days it still has the power to blindside you from time to time.  A very beautiful blogger named L loss her battle to cancer and my world was shaken by this.  L was a blogger, but more importantly she was a compassionate being.  One of the most compassionate people I've met in a VERY long time.  Throughout her time with cancer L made it her duty to uplift other beings going through any tough situations.  She was a genuine being and I simply adored her and was NOT ready for her to leave.  But, I now know it was her time and she did her job WELL here on earth.  I love L as if I'd known her my entire life and because of all I received from her I will honor her name & mission FOREVER.

The other two losses in April were two of my chemo buddies.  I adopted them both two years ago and weekly I'd write them and send little gifts.  Two little girls who fought with bravery I've never seen before.  My heart breaks for their families, yet I admire their grace to move forward.  It's easy for me to love a being and with that and what God has called me to do I realize there will be many more losses.  I know it won't be easier as time passes, but I will not allow my voice to be silenced for so long again.

I love them all and I will see to it that their love and goodness be known to all I meet.  They touched my heart and for that I am a better person.


  1. Oh Dear One, I am so sorry for your loss, Very sad to hear. Keep doing Gods work.Sometimes when you are silent you are just preparing for the next step. I pray you never be silent. hugs to you dear friend. sending support and best wishes to you, and prayers for their families.

  2. Thinking of you, Tabitha. I'm sorry to hear about so much loss in the last month.

  3. Dear Tabitha,

    May God send angels to bring you peace and heal your pain.

    Happy Mother's Day!

    Love an Light, Linda


You bless me with your presence! Tabitha♥

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