God's Luv Notes

In October 2013 we kicked off the Letters of Love campaign and it was a HUGE success.  I placed it on the back burner after awhile, because I thought God wanted me to go BIGGER.  I was wrong.  All He wanted was for me to Inspire and Encourage his children in need.  Today we are kicking off our God's Luv Notes campaign!!  The great thing about this is...It's for ALL Teens & Adults!!  We will send a Luv Note to YOU or a Loved One for FREE!!  Luv Notes will look different each time, but the LOVE behind it will ALWAYS be the Same.  If you desire to take advantage of this FREE Gift please follow these steps.

1. Message us on Facebook - God's Luvmail Mission Or email 504uplifting@gmail.com
2. Please give your (or person you're requesting for)name and mailing address
3. Briefly share your reason for requesting
4. Expect LOVE to arrive in your mailbox within 7-10 business days

God Bless You All!!!

The Luvmail Family

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